About us

Are you tired of spending weeks looking at the magazines to put together a room that you and your family can enjoy?

Your time is valuable and we are  here to help you with our decorating skills to create a safe, easy to maintain, beautiful spaces, for everyone to enjoy.

If you are trying to juggle it all, create a comfortable place you would be proud off,  you are in the right place.

Mod Dezign is a Gold Coast based residential and commercial interior design and decorating studio.

We offer a wide range of services to create a functional and beautiful organic space that suits your style and personality.
At Mod Dezign we recognize the need to include natural elements in our designs. We believe that natural features have a calming effect beneficial to your health and wellbeing.
By following the sustainable interior design values, we work on reducing the negative environmental impact to create a better, more ecologically friendly future for you.


Our aim to design flexible and timeless spaces that can be easily modified to suit your future needs.
At Mod Dezign we keep informed of the latest trends, products and eco-friendly technologies to create a unique design experience.

Our design style is based on the use of neutral tones and layered textures and inspired by the mid century modern design.We love bringing the outside in, whenever is possible. By merging indoor and outdoor, and adding growing plants we bring the natural materials inside, and create the open space that flows.
Light is an important element for this style. Large windows, bi-fold doors and skylights will allow sunlight to flood in.We will coordinate with tradespeople, architects and suppliers to facilitate your project from concept, through project management to final interior decoration and styling.



P.O Box 83 Runaway Bay, QLD 4216


+61 413 164 127