Welcome to Mod Dezign! 

I love to say that I am equally inspired & guided by different design styles. However, when choosing the  style that incorporates simplicity, elegance and function, the mid- century modern comes to my mind first.  Mid- century modern is a design movement in interior, graphic design, architecture and product design from middle of the 20th century. 

My love affair mid- century modern started with watching the James Bond movies. Ken Adams’ Goldfinger’s Rumpus Room set the standard for the design of the mid 1960’s and 1970’s was showcasing The Elrod House, futuristic, architectural gem from Diamonds are Forever.

Frank Lloyd Wright was arguably the most notable figure of mid-century modern style. The Falling Water house, with its strong horizontal and vertical lines is the perfect example of the structure built to integrate with nature. I love the feeling of harmony this house brings. Wright emphasised with two colours, light ochre for the concrete and the cherokee red for the steel.

Mid -century modern design features: 

  1. Clean lines, gentle curves and lots of texture
  2. Timeless quality is that it lasted long passed 1960’s..
  3. The style began in Germany, but grew larger in the US
  4. It developed under a Californian Style inspired by Jozef Eichler
  5. Uncluttered and sleek, use of geometric shapes 
  6. Wide glass and open space , outdoor atmosphere feeling inside 
  7. Classic, understated look, functionality is important
  8. Colour combinations: orange and brown, teal, brown and white. wood and white, pink and brown, chartreuse and grey…

Most of the midcentury designs had gone out of fashion by the late 60s, but in the early- to mid-eighties, interest in the period began to return.

Mid -century modern has found it’s popularity in 2000′ thanks to the popular period series such as AMC’s Mad Man.

Today, the mid- century modern style is considered a retro-look. Contemporary pieces currently feature mid-century modern elements, due to an ongoing interest in the style, which continues to influence designers of today.