When getting your property on the market, you want to ensure that your home looks, feels and smells beautiful! Get your cleaning supplies, a bucket of paint and your handy man in action! Homes that are well prepared sell faster and achieve better sale price than those, unprepared ones.

First Impression Matters

There is nothing more that says about the state of your property than your fence. If the fence affects the curb appeal it should be fixed. If the purchaser is turned off by the state of your fence and your house-front, they my not even want to see the inside… Fix and straighten up the fence and give your front door a fresh coat of paint. Garden and pathways should be clear, tidy and free of fallen leaves. Your lawns should be green and short. The outdoor seating areas should look clean and inviting. Place a couple of large pot plants by your front door. They will frame the doors and the entrance will look pretty and inviting.

The Roof

Replacing an old roof can be expensive. However, leaks or broken roof tiles can cost you a sale. No building inspector would overlook the watermarks on your ceilings .The only way to deal with leaks is to clean your gutters and replace all broken roof tiles. Now you can go to the next chapter.

Paint the House

Ideally you would paint both, outside and inside. Its relatively inexpensive and you could do it by yourself.  I recommend using the professional, its lot quicker and you won’t risk of spilling paint all over your floors and furniture, just like I did. Having a fresh coat of paint will make a massive difference to the overall presentation. Go neutral, only some buyers would appreciate a green feature wall. Neutral coffee tones or warm greys will appeal to the mass market, but if you want to go for bold colours, ensure you paint all the architraves and trims in white to help balance the strong colour.

Make Your Floors Shine

Timber floors can be easily refreshed by removing  years of built up dirt and grime. With new technologies, they can be restored to their original shine in one day and without sanding. Everyone loves the look and feel of beautiful timber flooring. If your home is tiled, you should repair the damaged and chipped tiles. You may have to put down new grouting as well. If you have carpets, ensure they are throughly clean and in good condition. If the floorboards are underneath the carpet, maybe get rid of the carpets…

Declutter and Store Away

You are selling the house, so you are almost a half way out. Pack your shoe racks, books and magazines. Remove your personal items, trophies, photos, mail, excess cooking books, etc… Store your memorabilia away from the house. Remove valuables, you don’t want to worry about your jewellery, or the expensive watch collection during open house.

Clean, Clean and Clean

Whether you can afford to hire professional cleaners or not, ensure your home is dust free. Your windows are clean and your kitchen and bathrooms smell fresh and look inviting. Bring a sheen to every surface in your home. Check the tops of your cupboards, ceiling fans, clean windows and window sills, ledges, blinds, doors and door knobs, switches and power points, walls and skirting boards.

Get the Spark Back to Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is one of the best features you could have.  The pool has to be sparkly clean and all the pool equipment has to be neat and tidy. The pool deck appearance is very important. Pressure washing the deck and adding a deep sheen by adding a pool deck sealer may be a good idea. Pool maintenance is one of the main concerns to the buyers. So the pool and the surroundings have to look clean, polished and well cared off.

Check the fence and gates and ensure the pool gate is closing properly. Pool safety is important and is often one of the major concerns when buying a property.

Hire Furniture

If you don’t live in the house anymore, and the house is unfurnished, I recommend hiring furniture. While the empty rooms may appear larger, most people would have trouble visualising living there. Renting furniture is lot less expensive than buying it and once the house is sold you don’t have to worry about it.

Professional Home Staging

If you are unsure the best way to stage your home, or don’t have time on your hands, hire the professional. Interior decorator will select the right furniture, art and accessories to attract the buyers. There is lot more to staging than filling the rooms with furniture. Majority of buyers search for properties online. By taking the photographs of the rooms from the best angle and showcasing it’s most prominent features, your property will stand out and have the best chance to get the attention it deserves. Watch your home sell faster and for a better price!

The cost will depend on a range factors. Styled properties would on average sell 10% above the properties that are not styled. It’s probably best not to think of home staging as a cost, but as an investment.