Our Services

We aim to design flexible and timeless spaces that can be easily modified to suit your future needs. We will coordinate your project from concept to final styling.

Our Services

  • Interior and exterior colour selection, specifications of finishes
  • Interior design and space planning for energy efficiency
  • Styling for pre-sale, residential and commercial
  • Renovation design consulting
  • Custom kitchen design and bathrooms
  • Advice on furniture, layout and placement
  • Artwork and accessories selection
  • Project management with organizing of trades

Paint Colour, Specification and Finishes

We always put first the health and environmental impact of paint colours we for our homes and offices. Possibly the most harmful chemical found in paints are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are carbon-containing solvents that vaporise into the air readily as paint dries. These VOCs help make paint easier to spread as well as more durable, but often have negative effects on the health of building occupants. Some exposure to such products can cause headaches, dizziness and nausea, while higher exposure levels can have more serious consequences, such as kidney damage and even cancer.

However, these problems can be avoided or at least minimised by specifying low or zero VOC paints. These paints usually emit less odours, and offer faster drying times and non-yellowing properties.

We love to recommend and use eco style paints that are non toxic and have zero VOC because we care about your health and your environment!

Space Planing For Energy Efficiency

Well insulated ceilings, walls, doors and floors can make lots of difference and can half your power bill. Energy efficient lights such as LED,  air-conditioning set on 24C, plus energy efficient hot water systems, solar panels…. and the list goes on. We will help you live in a more energy efficient environment and create a beautiful, sustainable space for everyone to enjoy and be proud off…


Styling Consultancy

Mod Dezign will stage your home or your commercial property to lease or sell. If you live or work on the property, or if you have already moved out, we have you covered. We will give that first lasting impression to your buyer…Our specialised styling service, attention to detail and personalised packages will ensure your property appeals to a wide range of potential buyers and provides a look that sells in today’s competitive real estate market.

If you, however, only wish to refresh your living room, or entire home, we are here and happy to assist. Based on your needs and project scope we can transform your space within your budget and timeline.

We can discuss styling, redecorating, furniture packages to creating an ambience and highlight the features of your home…

  • Our one hour consultation fee is $199
  • Consultation, styling advice and mood board $299 per room
  • Consultation, styling advice, 3d design to decorate instantly $399 per room
  • Styling packages (for properties on the market for sale/lease) start from $2500

Renovation Design Consulting

Whether you spend $50,000 or $250,000 on your renovations, it is important that your new make over looks fantastic and increases the value of your property.

Guided by your design preferences, we will supply new customised design plan, colour selections, flooring, lighting and fixtures.

We can supply design of your new kitchen, bathroom, cabinetries. We would be happy to give you an estimate on your gardening and landscaping as well.

In addition to our consultation, we are happy to oversee and project manage your renovations from start to finish. We can take all your worries away and coordinate with builders, architects to ensure conformance to design specifications.

 And we will ensure compliance with current environmental standards…


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